These happen all day long, from the beginning of preparations at your house until the final drink is poured at the reception. These are the unposed shots – a wink, a smile, a secret kiss – that often make the best pictures. – view gallery


From close-ups of your faces, the rings, and the other minute details to wide angles of the church or congregation, we’ll capture the emotions of the ceremony. – view gallery


The setup of the chapel, the place settings at the reception hall, the calm before the storm. These are the little bits and pieces you may not think of shooting but in the context of your wedding story they put you back in the feel of the day. – view gallery


An engagement sitting is a great start to mark those months before the big day. Casual and relaxed, we can take these in a tranquil field, in the midst of the hustle and bustle of downtown, or anywhere in between – whatever best represents the two of you. – view gallery


These are the picture that will highlight your mantle for years.  I will include not only traditional poses but also many fun and spontaneous images. – view gallery


My job starts well before the “I do’s”. Some of the best photos come from the last-minute preparations, from the crack of dawn on your wedding day up until to those last few moments before you walk out on the aisle and take his breath away. – view gallery